Member Advocacy Team

Member Advocates provide the membership with individuals outside of the officer/Board of Directors structure who can advocate for their needs. Member Advocates are elected by the general membership and serve as a neutral third party for gathering feedback and providing mediation that doesn’t explicitly in the scope of disciplinary investigation. Some members fear reprisal for voicing their concerns to individuals in power, especially if their views are contrary to the status quo.


Jordan Fenty ( – Term through October 2017

Jordan joins us with a professional background in conflict resolution management and mediation. He has certificates in Advocacy and Problem solving, Global Arbitration Law and Practice, and is trained in Dispute Systems Designs. He has provided conflict management services for city leadership around and outside the Saint Paul – Minneapolis, MN Metro area. He plans to leverage this experience to ensure an accessible and fair process to empower those in conflict to voice their concerns, so they can go back to having fun with the game and so that the organization continually learns.


Doug Fitzgerald ( – Term through April 2018

Doug has been a supportive member of The Hidden Parlor since its inception. He initially served as an assistant to the Community Engagement Manager, a role that focuses on marketing and communication. He’s helped the club and his local chapter in dealing with sensitive membership matters. He has over 6 years of customer service experience in the workforce, and leverages those skills to be a voice for player concerns.


Rachael Stoutenburgh ( – Term through October 2018

Rachael joins us with several years of experience as a player representative (similar to the MA role) through another LARP organization. During that time she helped players navigate LARP-life balance and worked with newer players to help them get more involved and match them with mentors.  One of her goals during her term is working on ways to make The Hidden Parlor a safer and welcoming gaming community for all participants.

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