The Hidden Parlor offers “LARP Unplugged”

What does “LARP Unplugged” mean for you?

 Focus on the in-person live-action game and avoid the 24/7 digital cacophony

Engage with the modern World of Darkness setting and streamlined By Night Studios rules set

Join an evolving LARP community that uses modern tools to keep the old-school feel

A Community That LARPs

Our world has changed a lot in the 25+ years since the original World of Darkness materials were created. Likewise, gaming within a multi­-city LARP environment has also evolved. The Hidden Parlor was founded in 2015 and through our shared experiences in the LARP community, we came up with our three guiding principles:

Dedication to a dynamic, immersive setting that empowers local chapters

We believe in striking a balance between organizational consistency and local creativity. Our global setting guides provide wide boundaries on what we consider to be acceptable so that each game is able to define themselves while remaining within the scope of the World of Darkness.

Emphasizing the in-­person aspect of LARP

We believe that an online-focused, 24/7 game places undue stress on both storytellers who have to oversee and facilitate email­based scenes, as well as players who feel they need to participate in the “online game” in order to be involved. We want online-based in-character interactions to be the exception, not the rule.

Developing a Community based on shared interests, mutual respect and volunteerism

We believe in building a community where everyone feels that they are able to contribute. The Hidden Parlor is a volunteer-­run organization and couldn’t exist without countless hours of work from dedicated members.  Our members shape and mold who we are perceived as an organization and community.

Get Unplugged in 2018


Interested in starting a new Chapter with us? Fill out the form below:

Got questions? Email the Board of Directors at

The fine print: The offered six months are “Promotional memberships” and do not count towards qualifying a chapter for tangible benefits offered by the club (such as game books). Memberships that have been renewed or extended via this offer are exempt from this exception and retain a full paid membership.

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