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Guidebooks: Resources for the LARP Community

Our club believes in building World of Darkness LARP community where everyone feels that they are able to contribute. We realize that while some of our participants may want to help, they may not know what steps to take. Someone who is relatively new to LARP may be hesitant to volunteer as a storyteller because they may not know what that would entail. A storyteller may want to make their game more enjoyable, but they might struggle with developing plots that work with different play styles. Likewise, participants in a local game may not know all of the ways that they can bring in new players.

To fix this, we work with members of the larger gaming/LARP community to create a series of how­-to guides (which we are calling our Guidebooks), which will cover everything from new player recruitment to event game planning and plot development. The Hidden Parlor wishes to be good stewards of our own community as well as the greater LARP community, providing useful resources that may be used by other organizations.

Here’s our list of current resource guides that are publicly available:

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