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We are excited to announce the roll-out of our voting platform through the membership portal. This new feature will simplify the voting process for our membership, provide tools for administrators to track and alert members of votes-in-progress, and provide a higher level of transparency to our membership.

Here is what has been released so far onto our portal site:

  • Notifications: Members will receive email and portal notifications when a ballot that is up for membership vote has reached the voting period. Individual, emailed announcements ensure that our members stay informed.
  • Automation: The membership portal automatically identifies who is eligible to vote on a particular ballot and opens/closes the voting period. There is frees up volunteers to focus on other projects for the club.
  • Confirmations: Members receive confirmation emails when their votes have logged or when they subsequently update a vote. In addition, Chapter Administrators receive a confirmation when a member votes.
  • Changing of votes during voting period: Have you ever participated in a vote and then changed your mind due to new information that came to light? Our platform gives you the ability to modify your selection before the voting period closes.


Here is what we will be adding in the near future:

  • Officer-level votes & reporting: We are in the process of building out the ability for Chapter officers to vote on behalf of their Chapter. This feature will also include reporting so that members can see how their game voted on an issue or election.
  • Blind Voting on/off: Our current platform currently uses blind voting, which means that administrators and participants cannot see how individuals voted either before or after the voting period. We will add the ability to allow for individual votes to be viewable either during the voting period or after (ex: so members can see how each Chapter’s officers voted).
  • Multiple Voting Options: Our initial launch included single-option voting where the outcome is determined based on simple majority. We plan to add additional voting options (multiple votes & ranked voting) in future releases
  • Localized Voting: Do you need a voting platform for your local Storyteller/Administrator election? Administrators will be able to set up local election ballots through the portal. This will simplify the election process for you and your members.

You can access member-facing votes by going to My Dashboard > Voting > My Ballots. If you are logged in on the membership portal, you can get to that page by clicking here.

If you experience any tech issues with the membership site or have ideas on future developments, please reach out to us at

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