We recognize when a Chapter leaves the club either due to disbanding, going troupe, etc. that there are paid members who still need support. We believe that it is important for those members to have chapter-level support, even if that chapter is not local to the individual. Being a member of an active chapter provides members with the opportunity to earn Volunteer Incentive Points (since that requires admin approval) for assisting our club in projects, and gives those members a direct contact regarding mediation and disciplinary concerns should those issues arise.

For those members who’s “home chapter” is no longer a part of the club, their membership is being transferred to the Chapter that is geographically closest to them based on the city/province information that they provided in their member profile on the membership portal.

These transfers have been signed off by our National Administrator and are effective immediately. The membership portal has been updated to reflect these transfers and the Chapter Administrators have been provided lists of memberships that have transferred. The members who are impacted by this change have been notified.

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