Greetings and salutations,

The Board of Directors met on the evening of October 2nd to discuss the concerns that were brought forth regarding the Membership Handbook & Global/National Charter review & approval process. We are committed to involving the membership with the revisions of these documents, including having the proposed revisions go through a formal vote process. At the same time, we want to be clear that for the membership to be involved in this process, the membership needs to be *engaged* in this process – which means abiding by the deadlines set forth for the different types of feedback so we are able to stay on task.

Here’s the link of the schedule the Board striving to maintain so that we can get the membership document review completed prior to the start of the new year:

After several reviews, Chapter 1 is ready for final membership approval. Paid members as of October 3rd received an email with a link to their ballot to vote. If you are a paid member of The Hidden Parlor and did not receive your email (from, email and we will get you signed up.

The vote for Chapter 1 runs from October 3rd to October 17th.

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