Greetings and salutations,

As previously announced, The Board of Directors is in the process of reviewing our club’s membership documents (Handbook + Global Charter) to determine what needs to be revised. The revisions we will propose to the membership are meant to either clear up ambiguous language or to bring our policies closer in line with our club’s three guiding principles:

  • Dedication to a dynamic, immersive setting that empowers local chapters.
  • Emphasizing the in-person aspect of Live Action Role-playing.
  • Developing a Community based on shared interests, mutual respect and volunteerism.

We are listening to the membership feedback from the previous Membership Handbook presentation and vote.

While it is not part of the official process, the Board of Directors believes it’s important for the membership to formally review and ratify proposed member document changes. We feel that you should have a voice in the decision-making process.

We recognize that it has been a year since the previous membership documents were ratified. We’ve had many members join on since then, and we also recognize that people sometimes forget what they’ve read (or how something was officially phrased). Having the membership handbook revision process be voted on by the membership also gives the membership the opportunity to review the member documents – both in their current form as well as what is being proposed.

Finally, we recognize that reviewing 30+ pages at once is difficult, so we are breaking down our proposed revisions over multiple votes, each one focusing on one or 2 chapters. We will send out our proposed revisions for a section and solicit feedback before creating the version that gets sent to the membership to vote upon.

We thank you for taking the time to read through these materials and to provide feedback. As always, the door is open and you can reach us at

The Hidden Parlor Board of Directors
Casey Corbin, Jessica Karels, Jim Lucky, and Mike Mack


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