Good evening,

The Board of Directors met tonight to review and approve the submitted applications for the open NST position. Attached are links to the applications: HPSept17NSTAppJoeCarron HPSept17NSTAppBenEvans

Per the National Charter:
“Voting on National and Global Officers is done by the Chapter Officer of the corresponding type
(Chapter Administrators may vote for National/Global Administrator, Chapter Storytellers may
vote for National/Global Storyteller).”

This means that the *Chapter Storytellers* are the ones voting on the National Storyteller position.


“Local Chapters are encouraged to compile a list of questions that the presiding officer will issue to the applicants for NA and NST; the NA and NST applicants will then compile an “FAQ” comprised of answers to the questions they receive; duplicate questions may be
condensed into a single answer. The window for submitting questions will be one week; applicants will have one week to compile and submit their FAQs to be posted by the Elections Officer for viewing by the membership. The Elections Officer will communicate all timeframes clearly.

What this means is that we are now in the Q&A period of the election cycle. Participants have one week (from now through end of day on Monday, October 2nd) to prepare questions for the candidates. The candidates will then have until the end of day of Monday, October 9th to provide their answers to the questions. Questions that you want to be included in the formal Q&A be need to be submitted to This will ensure that we see and log them and follow up with the candidates.

The two week voting period for Chapter Storytellers will occur in the 2 weeks following the question and candidate response period (circa 12:00:01am EST on Tuesday October 10th and ending 12:00:01am on Tuesday October 24th). As previously mentioned it is the Chapter Storytellers who vote in the National Storyteller.

Thank you to everyone for your cooperation in this process.

The Hidden Parlor Board of Directors

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