Thank you for your patience as the Board of Directors reviewed the recent member-wide vote. We also wanted to give the National Storyteller the opportunity to communicate directly with each Chapter Storyteller to break the news to them first and discuss next steps going forward as an organization.

Our chronicle is resetting on January 1, 2018.

In our review of the bylaws vs national charter verbiage, we discovered that the national charter’s wording regarding voting rights (limiting votes to those who attended a game within the last 2 months) did not jibe with what our bylaws state regarding membership rights (members having a right to vote on club issues). Therefore, regardless of attendee status, the paid members who opted to vote had the right to do so.

The second issue was that of the majority requirement, which was interpreted as a majority of eligible voters. We looked at a couple of different options for determining this number while remaining as close to our national charter and bylaws as possible.
The Board of Directors determined this calculation to be a combination of the # of members who voted, regardless of attendee status (157) plus those who attended game within the last 2 months but opted not to vote (20), equaling 177. This meant that the number of votes needed to suspend the chronicle reset needed to be 50% or higher than 177, or 89 votes, not the the total number of paid members at the time of the vote. As of end of day July 23rd there were 79 votes in favor of suspending the chronicle reset, which was insufficient to meet the requirement.

We thank our membership for their patience in this, and we thank Adam for taking the time and effort to work with the Board of Directors to discuss how to move going forward, as well as him reaching out to the individual Chapter staffs.

We do want to let everyone know that the past few months have opened up our eyes to a variety of issues:

First – There’s a sizable number of our paid members who are not actively participating in their local chapter (or at minimum have not played in the last 2 months). We plan to work with the local games to explore solutions on how to re-engage those members.

Second – We need to further update our membership handbook, charter, and bylaws. We are appreciative of the volunteer efforts of Anastasia Mars, Bryan Barletta, and others that went into getting our handbook to the point of “done” last August. In going through the past year we have learned what works and can be improved upon. For the past few months, the Board of Directors have been in the process of identifying sections of these documents that need to be cleaned up, simplified, or expounded upon. (We’re finding how much “track changes” word processor is our friend 😉 ) We look forward to presenting the proposed changes to our membership, along with the rationale on why we feel such changes to our club documents should be considered. If you, as a member, feel there is a section of these documents that are worded poorly, or have other issues, please email the Board directly at directors at and CC your Chapter Admin as well.

Third – Our volunteer incentive system is in need of review, both in how volunteer points can be earned and how they can be spent. Our goal is to continue building a community that focuses on creating immersive LARP experiences and developing a healthier World of Darkness community, and volunteers are our lifeblood in that. We want to provide “thank you’s” to those who support our club either through their skilled work or through financial/material contributions, as through those contributions our club will thrive. A chronicle reset creates the opportunity for us to overhaul the system without members being concerned that those who utilized the system earlier have an unfair advantage. Additionally, for those members that have spent Volunteer Points for one of their current characters in the month of July and feel they would like a refund of those points, please email the Board at the above email and CC your Chapter Storyteller. Refunding of Volunteer Points will be on a case by case basis. Please note that any Volunteer Points spent after this announcement will not be eligible for refunds.

Fourth – While we are sure there will be many questions asked both online and among the members of each Chapter, please provide the Board the opportunity to reply to questions that may occur. We will do our best to reply in a timely fashion and will make sure to note when our replies on this thread are as the Board or as a general member ourselves.

The past two years have been insightful as we worked to establish ourselves as an Organization, and distinguish ourselves within the World of Darkness fan community. We thank you for your patience and understanding so far, and look forward to you joining us as our club continues its journey.

The Board of Directors for The Hidden Parlor

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