Greetings community members!

When the membership developed and voted in our National Charter last year, one of the items that was approved by the membership was for our club to have bi-annual chronicle resets. There is a provision within the charter that allows for the membership – by majority vote – to suspend the reset (and thus extend the current chronicle). This empowers our player base to extend the chronicle indefinitely, if they wish, or for them to decide whether we should start anew at the beginning of the upcoming year.

The current vote started on July 1st and wraps up on July 14th, with results to be announced on July 15th. As of 11pm Central on July 12th, 44.8% of our paid members who belong to active Chapters have voted.

Final email reminders have gone out to eligible members who have not voted. If you were a paid member as of July 1st have not received your ballot, check your spam folder for emails from  If you cannot find your ballot, please email by 12pm Central on Friday, July 14th to ensure that we have time to follow up.


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