Greetings Community,

We wanted to take a moment to make sure that you are aware of a resource that is available to our membership: our Member Advocacy Team (MAT).

The goal of the MAT is to provide our community with individuals outside of the officer structure who can advocate for their needs.  Member Advocates serve as a neutral third party for gathering feedback and providing mediation that doesn’t explicitly in the scope of disciplinary investigation.  While we encourage our members to bring up their concerns directly to our club officers, we understand that some participants may not feel comfortable doing so. In some instances, the member simply wishes to speak to another participant in the club for guidance. In other cases, there may be a situation where the member wants to give anonymous feedback.


Example #1:

Maxine joined the club a few months ago and struggles to get involved in her local game. She feels hesitant about talking to her game’s storytelling staff, as she believes that they there’s little that they can do to help. They can’t force the other players to include her, after all! She reaches out to the Member Advocacy Team to express her concerns. They talk with her to find out more about what happens during the game sessions that lead her to feeling excluded.  Maxine is encouraged to write out her character’s backstory and goals and share them with the storytelling staff to give them ideas on how to build plots with which she can directly engage.

Example #2:

Charlie is frustrated with the type of plots that are being run in his local game. He is friends with Shannon, his chapter’s storyteller, and worries that his feedback may come across as a personal attack. He reaches out to the Member Advocacy Team for guidance. After discussing various options, they agree that having a Member Advocate reach out to Shannon on Charlie’s behalf (anonymously!) is the best course of action. This empowers Charlie to give candid feedback about the game (and for Shannon to receive and act upon it).

A more detailed description of the Member Advocate role and responsibilities can be found in our membership handbook.

To reach the Member Advocate team, email

Member Advocate Elections are happening soon. Since Casey has been elected as a Board Member, he can no longer serve as a Member Advocate. Also, one of the other Member Advocate seats is up for re-election. More information will be available after the upcoming Board of Directors meeting on Thursday.

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