Earlier this month, our members elected Rob Bennett & Casey Corbin to fill our two open Board Member seats. With Rob now on our Board of Directors, this means that we need to find a new National Storyteller (NST).

Last week, we reached out to our membership (via the Facebook discussion group) for suggestions on how to fine-tune the NST role. By putting together a more defined list of responsibilities and expectations, we will be better able to select a new NST who meets the needs of our growing community.

What would you like to see from the office of the National Storyteller? How would you like us to balance local player/storyteller agency with the ability to influence the larger setting? What resources would you like to see the NST team focus on during the coming year?

Casey Corbin (one of our board members) is collecting your suggestions to share at our upcoming Board of Directors meeting next Thursday. Send your ideas and insight to ted.maddog.mattox@gmail.com


Thanks in advance for your suggestions and feedback!

Over the past week, we heard from several members who are interested in running for National Storyteller. We are excited about the level of enthusiasm over this role and don’t want potential applicants to feel like they have to wait in order to reach out to us.

While the NST application period officially opens on March 25th (the Saturday after our next Board of Directors meeting), we welcome potential candidates to contact the BoD prior to that date with their intent to run for the position and to ask questions about the role. To do so, email us at directors@hiddenparlor.com.


P.S.: Thank you to our Austin, Texas chapter for these stunning photos!

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