We realize our members put a lot of time and effort into their LARP costumes and props. Several of our chapters worked hard to find breathtaking locations for their games. Sadly, we have few photos of these things. What does this mean for our club? We resort to using stock photos for our social media & print marketing materials.

One such stock photo. We want to scream too. 🙁

Why should we resort to using stock photographs when we have a talented community of gamers and artisans? Help us put an end to our dependency of stock photos. Take pictures of you and your friends in your LARP costumes. Show off your game site.

Need ideas? Check out our Austin chapter’s photo gallery

Need more ideas? Here’s some pictures that we would enjoy:

  • An anachronistic Elder arguing with a young, punk’ish Neonate
  • A Nosferatu lurking in a corner, eavesdropping a conversation
  • Two enraged Garou, locked in a Staredown


Send your photos to media@hiddenparlor.com. Do you have a large collection that you’d like to share? Email us to discuss how best to submit your image files (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)

Let’s work together to develop promotional materials that
showcase our community as well as our hobby.

Promotional ad featuring members of our Sacramento chapter

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