In-Character Announcement:

Fellow Kindred of the Ivory Tower,

There were many who attended the Judicial Conclave in the case of The Camarilla v. Archon David Jeffries in service to Justicar Theo Bell.

Defense: Danielle Christiansen, Master of Harpies of the Greater Domain of Milwaukee. Clan of the Moon.

Prosecution: Established Elder Experience Black of the Clan of Kings

There were also many who were not able to attend as there was a severe winter storm which hampered travel to our fair city. This may be part of the reason for the lack of evidence and witnesses presented during the trial. From what was presented there were conflicting accounts of information. There was however, a single fact that held true for both the defense and prosecution; David Jeffries was at the haven of Archon Ercan Genis in service to Justicar Lady Lucinde. For the sake of transparency I will list out below what was presented to the Honorable Prince Mark Decker.

  • Clan Tremere presented video evidence that Archon Jeffries and Archon Genis were engaged in a heated argument. It seemed that Archon Genis was goading Archon Jeffries into a frenzy.
  • Clan Tremere found a Ruby Gem that fell out of Archon Jeffries ring. The gem was allowed to be awoken from slumber and speak for the prosecution. The gem clearly indicated that it had met Archon Genis’s face multiple times and ended up lodged in his face.
  • Clan Tremere presented the fact that the most prevailing lingering emotion at the scene of the murder was rage.
  • Clan Tremere presented evidence that Archon Jeffries memories did not show any signs of tampering and that the memory gap is in line with someone who had frenzied.
  • Clan Malkavian presented evidence in the form of a vision received that Archon Jeffries was at the haven of Archon Genis however as Archon Jeffries was leaving Archon Genis was seen in the window waving to Archon Jeffries
  • Clan Gangrel presented evidence in the form of fortune telling that there was something amiss around the mind of Archon Jeffries. “While he was in a state of frenzy there was a darker shadow or entity overlaying him”.
  • Clan Gangrel presented evidence that the alarm system at the haven of Archon Genis did not show any triggered alarms. The security footage however, had been deleted from that night.
  • Clan Brujah presented that it was an Assassination made to look like Archon Jeffries was guilty and commited by the Samedi rather than the Assamites.
  • Clan Nosferatu presented information gained from an animal (specifically a rat) that was near the haven of Archon Genis. A male figure was seen waving to Archon Jeffries as he left the haven.

With the above information His Excellency Prince Decker issued a verdict.

“I am unable to determine with certainty that Archon Jeffries is innocent of the charges presented before this Conclave.” At which point the accused slammed his fist on the table and tried to interject but was cut off by Prince Decker “…I’m not done yet….I am also unable to determine with certainty that Archon Jeffries is guilty of the charges presented before this conclave. So it will stand that at this time Archon Jeffries is to be staked and kept here at a secret location until further evidence can be gathered. We will re-convene in one year’s time.”

Danielle Christiansen – Master of Harpies of the Greater Domain of Milwaukee. Clan of the Moon.

Out-of-Character Announcements

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been asked to submit events for next year’s Midwinter (January 11-14, 2018). Plans are currently underway to have a Cam/Anarch/IA game during one of those nights and to have a Werewolf game during the day. Registration info for the convention can be found at

To answer the question on “How do I follow up with the plot that happened in Milwaukee?”
For Storytellers: Hopefully interest in what happened last week can help nudge our Chapter ST’s to collaborate with each other, with the NST team, and with those who are running our event games. The Board of Directors met with Rob in the past and he’s interested in working with games and events – we need to get both sides to talk to each other :)
The email address for the National Storyteller team (Rob and his assistants) is and the email for our Midwinter Event team is  Our next member database update (which is in development/testing) will include collaboration tools for tracking plots and PC/NPC interactions – however, I think players want the storytelling teams to get the ball rolling now ;)
For Players: If you want to have larger-than-local plot with your game (getting info from other areas and doing stuff to affect the setting) talk with your storytellers! They don’t know that you want it unless you ask for it! The upcoming member database update (again, currently in development) will include the ability to seek out players to build character backstory ties. In the meantime, we have a section of our forums for this: Work with other players in the club to build 1:1 character connections. :)
Looking forward to seeing where this goes.
Jessica Karels
President, The Hidden Parlor
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