Join us at Midwinter Gaming Convention 2017 for our first Werewolf: The Apocalypse event game. Check out the setting and try out the rules that were recently published by By Night Studios.

When: Thursday, January 12th, 7pm – Midnight
Where: Wright Ballroom C, Hilton Milwaukee City Center (part of the Midwinter Gaming Convention)


In-Character Details:

Over two decades ago, Mages overtook the caern within Milwaukee. Brew City has been a battleground ever since, with Garou unable to reclaim their sacred place. When the Age of Apocalypse began and caerns worldwide started to fall, Milwaukee was one of the few areas that remained untainted and untouched.

Now there are whispers that the Mages who once kept the Garou out of Milwaukee have suddenly slipped away quietly in the night. Scouts have returned with reports that the old Caern site – a periphery – remains intact. There have also been sightings of Wyrm creatures nearby – no doubt seeing this as an opportunity to claim the area as their own!

Those who have gathered to reclaim Milwaukee are divided on what to do next. Some of the seers within the Concordant of the Stars warn that this may be a trap, and that the Garou should first try and find what exactly happened to the Mages and perhaps even enlist their help. Meanwhile, members of the Sanctum of Gaia proclaim that every moment spent arguing and trying to find out what happened to the Mages is precious time that the Wyrm has to settle in and defend the Caern. They also remind everyone that it was the Mages who had kept them from their sacred land to begin with.


Out-of-Character Details:

For questions, comments, and character sheet approval, please email the storytellers at

Additional event information can be found at

Current members of The Hidden Parlor: Have your storyteller send your sheet to and bring a paper copy with you.

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