During the Member Engagement Survey last summer, we asked several questions regarding the future direction of the club. Some of the questions involved how to support the inter-chapter connectivity (aka the “larger than local” game).  Our respondents were divided on whether or not The Hidden Parlor should allow in-character mass communication platforms. Some felt that such tools would help player characters connect and encourage PC-driven stories. Others were concerned about how such tools could take the focus away from the local, in-person LARP.

After weeks of discussion, the Board of Directors created a policy regarding in-character mass communications. You can read more about the policy in Chapter 6 of our Membership Handbook, as well as below:

Mass Communication is defined as forms and methods of communication that are designed to reach an audience where not everyone is a direct participant in the immediate conversation. An example of this is an “in-character” list where everyone has access to a conversation between a small number of participants.  Direct correspondence between characters (ex: phone calls, emails, handwritten letters, etc.) does not count as mass communication as the sender and receiver are direct participants in the conversation.

Inter-Chapter Mass Communication

There may be in-character mass communication platforms that stretch beyond the territory of your local Chapter. Some examples of these include, but are not limited to:

  • Clan / Faction lists
  • A Prince’s Forum
  • SchreckNET
  • Harpy Skype Sync-up


The Hidden Parlor requires approval for mass communication platforms where the audience and/or participants go beyond the territory of your local Chapter.


Here is the process to get such a mass communication platform approved.

  1. Create a proposal for the new mass communication platform, including the following:
    1. In-Character Logistics:
      1. How is the communication platform set up? (ex: courier, drop sites, online forum, etc.)
      2. How is this communication platform maintained? (ex: who is coordinating the couriers / drop sites, which PC is managing the online forum, etc.)
  • What in-character security measures are in place?
  1. What is the in-character rationale for this communication platform? Provide the in-character backstory behind why this platform would be created.
  1. Out-of-Character Logistics:
    1. What platform will players use? (ex: a club-level email list, forum, Slack, a YouTube channel, etc.)
  2. Submit your completed proposal to your storyteller for approval.
  3. If your Chapter Storyteller approves, they will then submit the proposal to the National Storyteller for approval.
  4. If the National Storyteller approves, they will then submit the proposal to the Board of Directors for ratification.


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