Join us as two LARP clubs celebrate important milestones.

Underground Theater went live in February 2014, becoming the first organization to utilize By Night Studios’ Mind’s Eye Theatre rulebooks. This Midwinter is on the eve of their two year anniversary.

We officially start our global chronicle on January 1, 2016, becoming the first organization utilizing the BNS rulebooks under a single, shared continuity.

Members of of both organizations who attend Midwinter have the opportunity to put faces to names, meet their board members, and discuss the future direction of these organizations. This is an opportunity for the storytellers, members, and prospective members to meet and mingle.

About Underground Theater 
Underground Theater is a 501c7 nonprofit LARPing organization connecting World of Darkness troupes in a worldwide network of games. Our focus is on building a community of friendly, like-minded gamers within fun, welcoming and safe game using a minimalist approach to administration, a uniform set of rules and a player focused storytelling mentality.

Link to the meetup on Warhorn:

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