We tell stories in the World of Darkness

Another Way to LARP

We believe that lush set decor and full-hilt costuming isn't something reserved simply for conventions. From game on until game finish the masks are on and the Masquerade is yours to partake in. Your friends and neighbors will be dangerous predators that may be allies, rivals, or both. Navigate the dark corners and hushed whispers with your wits about you, for your very survival will depend upon how carefully and wisely you tread.

The Hidden Parlor strikes a balance between each local community's need for creativity and the organization's need for consistency by creating style guides for each of the genres in our system. By providing wide boundaries on what we consider to be acceptable, each game is able to define themselves while remaining within the scope of the World of Darkness.

Starting XP for September is 131XP*

All characters created by Paid Members in good standing during the month of September receive the initial 30 "per-book" XP, plus an additional 50 initial XP, plus 51 Floor XP.
*(Trial Members only receive the initial 30 "per-book" XP for character creation.)

Play the Monster

Imagine a world where the disparities between the elite and the oppressed are widened to the extreme. Violence and corruption are commonplace. The government, religious institutions, and corporations are such monolithic entities that they control almost every aspect of mortal life. The average person is simply a cog in the machine, one of the many, faceless masses.

Imagine a world where the monsters of mythology - vampires, werewolves, mages, and others - are real and have secretly influenced mankind's fate over the centuries.

Imagine if you were one of them. How far are you willing to go to achieve your goals? To survive?

Welcome to the World of Darkness, a vast setting of personal horror. Very rarely do the virtuous survive, let alone win. This is a game that examines the human condition and moral issues, seen through the eyes of monsters.

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